VW Transporter Window Fitting

Let there be light! (Installing the transporter window)

Whilst I was away on holiday half way around the world, Sam made the decision to have a window fitted to the sliding door on the van. I woke one morning to a photo showing the new window installed. We had spoken for a while about how beneficial a window would be, and what a transformation it is for sure. It truly has made a big difference to the presence of the van. Not only that but we now have natural light coming in to the rear of the van for the first time.

The guys at ‘Crow Windscreens‘ were able to fit the van in fairly quickly and had the part available to install immediately. Before you knew it, the hole was made and the new window installed. Massive thanks goes out to these guys for all their help and advice! Although we were thinking of doing this ourselves, I would highly recommend having this done professionally. Not only will you have people working on this who have the knowledge and experience, but you have somewhere to go back to should their be a problem. If you do still think this is a job you can do, look at the below article.

The full price of this fitted was reasonable at £282

Considering doing this yourself?

If this is something you would like to consider doing yourself, check out this post here which has clear instructions with photographs for you to follow. Installation Advice


Although this is privacy glass, like most it does not completely block out being able to see in from the outside. If you were walking past, you won’t be able to see anything, but if you look closely you can make out roughly what is inside. At night is the worst though. After working on the van one evening, it was getting dark and we had left the lights on inside. Upon walking back up to van, you can see pretty much everything going on inside. Whilst we will have nothing to hide, its nice to know you can shut yourself away.

For that reason we will look at getting a small curtain or blind fitted to this which we can open and close. This will also help with the bright light of the sunrise and prevent us being woken at the crack for dawn. All in all though this is a great addition and something you should consider if you have not already.


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