Update: This Weekends VanLife!

What does this weekend hold?

This weekends plan is a trip down to Cornwall for a long weekend. ‘Why?’ you might ask. Why not is the answer. Any time away from the hustle and bustle of city life is good. We have the van so why not use it. My (Luke’s) leg is bearing up after the french alps crash where I tore my MCL ligament. So after 12 weeks of determination, physio, and gym work the leg is now fully healed. It has been a painful road and there were points I didn’t think it would ever get back to normal, but the progress has been amazing. Initially your vision is clouded by what you cant do after injury. However I soon saw that it was all about the things I want to be able to do, which gave me motivation to get fixed. Although it is fully healed, I am still having to do stretches to get rid of the stiffness and strengthen up, but we are so close.

Since France, my Specialized Stumpy has not been looked at, and she has been a little unloved. I thought last night I would check to see how she has been bearing up since kicking me off and flying across the floor. Turns out not that great at all.

The damage so far as I can see looks to be…

  • Broken spoke on rear wheel
  • Buckled Rear wheel (Because of the broken spoke I can assume)
  • Seized front hub
  • Loss of brake pressure in the front (Possible hydraulic fluid leak)
  • Damaged pedal
  • Snapped dropper post cable

And that is from what I can see so far…Shouldn’t be too costly to repair, but not something I was expecting to have to pay out for. Still, they are her battle scars and she will be back on the dirt as soon as I can get her fit to ride again.

So the bikes won’t be ridden this weekend, and so will be a more relaxed van life. But looking at the weather forecast, it might not be as relaxed as we initially thought. Watch this space!

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