The Van Conversion Project | VAN BUILD

What are we doing?

So here it is, the van conversion project. Now commences the task of kitting out and creating the perfect road trip mountain bike van. We have always ridden pretty local and not ventured too far away. But now with the van, the aim is to be able to throw bikes and kit in, to drive to wherever we feel would be great for riding.

The base for the build is currently what I believe to be one of the most commonly converted and purpose built camper vans that exists, the VW Transporter. The aim is to be able to eat, sleep, and ride from the van wherever we pitch up. The design needs to be build around our hobby, but also give ourselves enough room to sleep and store other items as well as the MTB kit. We are looking forward to all the possibility’s this project could bring. We hope this blog will tell the story of ‘Van Life’ project and give you an insight into what we enjoy. We aim to share the van progress from start to finish, but let the adventures continue on and on. You can find out more about us here

And here she is…

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