Specialized Stumpjumper Hope Bottom Bracket Install

Why a new Bottom Bracket?

You can see why I purchased a new BB here in my previous post.

Hope Tech Bottom Bracket Upgrade

Waiting for the tools

Having purchased the PF30/PF46 Bottom Bracket from Hope, I had thought about trying to install without all the proper tools to save some money. However, after reading some forum posts, I thankfully got persuaded into purchasing Hope’s press fit installation tool. One article in particular spoke about how they had bought a bottom bracket, tried to install without the tool and then bought another one with the tool.

Its true what some people say. Why spend money on an expensive part only to try an install without proper tools. Hope are having a bit of a backlog at the moment and turns out that the website I purchased from originally, were waiting for the delivery from Hope. I managed to cancel that order and finally purchase from a well known website (CRC) who had this in stock. Once this arrived, combined with the removal tool, I set out at the weekend to install.


The removal of the crank was straight forward enough. It did require some cleaning due to the fact it had been sitting in a filthy old BB. When it came to the removal of the old SRAM bottom bracket, its fair to say it was a stubborn bugger to tap out with the removal tool. I took to the internet to find out why, and most of the later Stumpjumper’s seem to have had their bottom brackets fitted with epoxy. How true this is I don’t know as I could seen nothing once removed.

I changed up the hammer, and as scary as it sounds, a few strong taps with a larger one and we were away. Non drive side first, then the drive side. Once both cups were removed, you could see the reason I was experiencing a stiff crank. It was well overdue a replacement and on one side had completely seized up.


The installation of the BB was made much easier having bought the Hope Press Fit installation tool. For anyone that has not seen one, it is a way of installing cups and bearings evenly to prevent damaging either your frame or bottom bracket. Although the near £50 price point might put you off, I will say it save a lot of time and made the process much easier. It also made sure I did not waste £90 on a bottom bracket that could have been damaged through wrong installation.

The new Hope BB that I purchased came with all the fitting instructions on how to fit with their tool. Its worth noting that whilst online the tool comes advertised as “PF41 installation tool”, Mine did come with a PF46 adapter. Do check this if you do choose to get one. Below are some photos that I took while installing the cups and bearings with the Hope tool. If you have any questions, please comment below or drop us an E-Mail.

Tools and parts

Here are links to some of the tools and parts that I purchased and/or used…

2 thoughts on “Specialized Stumpjumper Hope Bottom Bracket Install

  1. Hi. Sorry to bother you but I think we have the same bike and I want the hope bottom bracket. Could you tell me the size of the one you bought? I think the bb shell is 73mmx46mm but I can’t find any info to confirm that before I order one.
    How. Have you found the hope bb?

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