Security Bolts For Front Runner Rack

A quick little update and addition…

Recently on Instagram you may have seen that we are now rocking a new Front Runner rack and accessories. This new rack is perfect for our adventures and the ability to have rack mounted accessories makes our travelling a lot easier. One thing you can never skimp on is security. This is why we wanted to add that extra level to the Front Runner rack for our own personal satisfaction.

A massive shout out to Craig at for helping us out. We were after some security bolts for the many rack accessories we have fitted. Whilst it would be a bit of a job to get these off as a criminal, a standard allen key is essentially all that is required. The idea was to replace not all, but just some of the bolts. With a large selection of security fastenings and fixings on their website, Fastenright were able to offer many options. We chose what we wanted and dispatch was quick. If you have any questions, their customer service was brilliant and they should be able to help you find what you need.

Obviously we are not going to share with the world what type we went for, as that would be counter intuitive. So you may see some black censoring on the photos. The security bolts we chose we easy enough to fit with the required bit, and now we feel the accessories we have on the new rack are nice and secure. We chose to go for a set up similar to a car wheel. Standard bolts, with a single locking nut rather than replacing every bolt entirely as this would have been expensive and time consuming. When the bolts arrived, we knew we would have to do a small amount of work to them in order to get the heads to blend in. The rack and OEM bolts blend as everything is black, so to have silver bolts dotted over the rack might have looked a little odd. We sat down one afternoon and coated the top of them with black hammerite, and then used a heat gun to get them tough dry for fitment.

All in all an affordable job, that wont break the bank and could potentially save you the loss of you axe holder for example, though i’m not sure why anyone would want to steal that. Although some people will try to steal almost anything!


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