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Saving Money

With a new roof rack for transporters in excess or £300, we had been looking to save some money and source a second hand one. After looking on eBay here and there, Sam eventually placed a bid on one and in the end won the listing for a bargain price of £31! We didn’t have to drive far for collection and we were helped by the seller transferring from his van to ours.

What do we need it for?

The install of a roof rack makes it possible to add a few items required on our build. In time, we will be fitting a solar panel which will be connected to a lesuire battery. Installing this on a rack gives it a perfect foundation/mounting point, and as well as solar, there is the ability to install a large roof box for some of the less commonly used items we might bring.

The item purchased was by a company called ‘Van Guard’. You can check them out on their website as they have many accesories for differant vans.

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