Peak District March Weekend

A weekend to spare, where to go?

So, the poor van has been sitting still and we had not been out in a while. A long over due trip was needed, and original ideas were going to lead us to north Norfolk. Working 9-5 (currently) we have to make the most of time available. This means preparing on a Thursday evening, so we can load up on a Friday evening and shoot off. We had decided on a short weekend trip to north Norfolk. However we put it to you in Instagram in a poll. A good majority said to head north, and by that we new that was further that the Norfolk coast. We then spoke and made the executive decision to head up to the Peak District. Having been there before, when know its beautiful, peaceful and within reach for a weekend trip. At around 200 miles via the M1 from where we live, it only took roughly 3.5 hours, which for the location is worth the extra drive for sure!

Open minded and no plans!

There are two things you need to worry about when adventuring in the van. Number one is to make sure you have enough fuel in the tank to get you moving, and two is to stock up with food and essentials. Then, with no plan in mind and not knowing where you’ll end up, just drive! On this occasion, I knew of a great spot, isolated from a built up area, yet perfectly placed for walking. Why not to ride bikes you might ask? Well currently one of the bikes is having some work done, so we chose for a more relaxed weekend.

Pack your wet weather gear…

One thing I did make a point of to Sam, was to bring his wet weather gear! We often get colleagues at work mentioning what the weather is set to be like, but for us it is never of any concern. That is unless there is set to be a major weather phenomenon. Just make sure you bring the right clothing and equipment. In our case we needed waterproof gear as we were set for a lot of rain and wind! Waking up on the Saturday morning, we were welcomed with some great scenery, but also buckets and buckets of rain! After a fry up and a cup of tea, we booted up and got set for a walk.

Where we had parked up was just outside the small town of Hathersage and close to the popular walking location of Stanage Edge. Stanage edge is known for its gritstone edge, or rocky cliff edges to you and I. We decided to walk this and ended up being hit with some very strong winds that blew up through the valley. On occasions the surface run off was being blown back up the face which left us feeling like we were in a washing machine. None the less we still got some great views, a bit of exercise and some media for the Instagram.

Handy info

The parking location at Stanage Edge was free, however there is a bucket built into the wall for a small donation. We found it was a quiet spot, but that may have been down to time of year and weather conditions. It offers a lovely scenic environment with easy access to walking trails and outside of built up areas.

Parking location at Stanage Edge can be found HERE on Park4Night 



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