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Tools And Materials For Van Insulation

  1. Van Insulation (Celotex & Expanding Foam)
  2. Spray Adhesive (To stick the Celotex on the wall)
  3. Stanley Knife
  4. Mask (If using Celotex to avoid inhalation of dust)

What we did…

The first step after picking up the van was start the van insulation. Although we didn’t know the exact design we wanted, we could still make a start on the basics to begin with.

The van came with panels on the lower half, but nothing on the top half, just the panel recesses. As this was the case, we would have to make up panels from plywood. The insulation we used included Celotex and expanding foam. With the Celotex we could use a stanley blade and cut peices to fit the recessed parts of the van walls. We used uphlolstry glue to stick to the walls as we had plenty ready for carpeting.

In any gaps, we used the expanding foam which we then later used a knife to cut down so that the panels would sit perfectly on the walls. Once all the insulating had been done on the sides of the van, we then needed to make up the 4 panels for the top half as these had previously been recessed.

Making The Panels

The panels we had to create had been made with ply wood which we cut to a rough shape and then later perfected with a jigsaw. Attaching them to the wall meant we needed something which avoided drilling into metal. We found and used a plastic style expanding plug in the already made holes. They are made by Fischer and can be purchased from B&Q.

Although this completes insulation on the sides. We later would still have to insulate the floor and ceiling, but would have to wait until we have a design and idea for what we would be laying down.

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