Installing The Control Unit

Happy Easter!

And so the Easter bank holiday weekend is here, which means only one thing for us in the UK…Rain! Although the weather has been poor, we had planned to carry out some work during this long weekend. Today we lucked out with a dry day which meant we could start building and installing the control unit.

After we had installed the electrics a few weeks ago, the control unit has been hanging from the ceiling. This was whilst we waited to see how we would eventually be mounting it. We had recently built the floor to ceiling storage which can be seen in the previous post. This storage solution would form part of the cupboard and worktop space. The positioning of this has meant that we could build and attach a small box. This would house and contain the control panel and wiring for the in van electrics.

The Box

We set out to build a light wight frame formed from a few pieces of 9mm ply. We tacked this together with wood glue and nails. This would then be bolted with the addition of washers onto the top of the storage tower. This is also where the cabling and panel is located. The washers would help spread the weight rather than have the entire box secured with a few screws. In the event that we do need to get to the back of box for maintenance, we can simply just unbolt and drop down. The fascia was secured with some ‘No More Nails’ to keep a neat an tidy finish to the front of the panel.

We did make use of the scribing method once more to get a more accurate curve of the wall and ceiling which would make the end of the housing. It is surprising how useful and easy this technique is, but gives you way better results than a free hand guess. For a tutorial on how to use this method, check out the last post HERE.

IR Receiver

You may notice something above the top right of the control unit housing. This is just the IR receiver for the LED lights. This clearly needs to be visible to pick up the IR signal from the remote, not not much we can do to hide this. We may in time make this black to be less visible, although its not too unbearable in its current state.

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