Hope Tech Bottom Bracket Upgrade

Right Time

The time has come to warrant getting a replacement bottom bracket (BB for short) for the “Stumpjumper FSR Comp 650b” I currently own. I have ran the original since owning the bike, and its safe to say its taken a beating this winter gone. We have ridden through our fair share of mud and rode through much rain, but I think it was the lake district that finally killed this poor part. When reaching for your bike and noticing your crank hardly spins, you know you are well overdue a replacement. Even with cleaning the bike thoroughly, riding through the thick mud we encountered up in the lake district and in the dales, it would seem it was too much for the bearings. That being said, these sorts of parts will need to be replaced eventually, and depending on your riding style will not see through the life of the bike. In other words it is a wear and tear part, just like brake pads.

Current Vs. New

Currently on the bike is the factory SRAM PF30. Whilst this served a purpose until now, it is not a serviceable part. This means either getting a direct replacement which would cost around £35/$50, or upgrade the part to a fully serviceable one. I made the decision to go for the latter because in the long run, it will be more cost efficient. There are many company’s that make BB’s, but one in particular stands out to me and many riders in England. Hope Tech actually design, test and manufacture all of their parts in Barnoldswick, England. They make quality products.

The bottom bracket to replace mine is the PF46. This is a great component but not the cheapest. At £90/$120 though, it does offer the ability to complete a service by replacing the bearings inside, rather than having to buy and fit a whole new bottom bracket. It should mean that once the BB is installed, you should never have to remove the cups, only the bearings that get seated within.

Press fit 46 – Also known as PF30

This bottom bracket uses a 46mm internal diameter bottom bracket shell in the frame. Due to the larger diameter shell both 24mm and 30mm cranks can use two cups and a central tube screwed together to create an accurate aluminium sleeve. This system fits into PF30 frames.

Is it worth it?

In all honesty it all depends on how much you are willing to pay. Of course you are going to pay a small premium for having a reputable brand, but you are also going to get superb quality and a part for life (With the exception of the bearings which can be and will need to be replaced). At £90/$120, the cost does not stop there. If you want to fit this yourself properly, you will need the press fit installation tool made by hope. This cost me another £40. Whilst I will probably never have to use this again, I have friends that will be able to use this. It is something to just bare in mind. It is however worth noting that you don’t necessarily have to buy the tool. A lot of bike shops will be able to install this for you.

The bottom line is that this is not the cheapest, but certainly a very good brand to go for if you are looking for quality. They offer great customer service having dealt with them before, and you have the piece of mind that you have a long lasting part.

I highly recommend using Hope!

Check their website out for parts here: http://www.hopetech.com/

3 thoughts on “Hope Tech Bottom Bracket Upgrade

    1. HI Ryan, I have not fitted this yet but yes the factory cranks should work. I plan to use them until I upgrade.

      This BB from hope it made to fit 30mm spindal diameters which is what I am currently running. I am just waiting for a couple of tools in the post and will be fitting this some time this week. I will be sure to let you know the outcome. PF46 is also known as PF30


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