Gisburn Forest Bike Trails

From Frustration To A Gem

We found some absolute golddust! After travelling with the van to the lake district, we were in for a very wet week. Although riding in wet conditions does not stop us, it did put us off on some occasions. When you fall asleep to the sound of rain on the van roof, it is not motivating to wake up to the same noise. That being said, whilst we didn’t ride as much as we had hoped due to the conditions in the mountains, we did find some awesome riding. The best of which was on our last day as we left the lakes and headed down through Yorkshire. We by chance stumbled across Gisburn Forest Bike Trails.

Gisburn Bike Trails

Type of Centre/Base
Purpose Built Centre

Trail Grades
Blue, Red, Black, Orange (Extreme)

Car-park, Toilets, Cafe, Bike Shop

Trail Distance(s)
5 -10km & 11- 20km

Why Gisburn?

What is not to enjoy? From fast trails to technical sections. It has a bit of everything. Every part of the bike trails had some exciting new terrain to conquer. We have found in other parks that the climbs consist of boring fire track which leads to the downhill sections, but have often wondered why it is not made more exciting for riders. This was not the case for Gisburn. I would much rather put in more effort as a personal reward, than riding the repetitiveness of a fire track which is why we loved this place. Anyway, although the bike trails were wet in places and contained a lot of puddles, it did not cause us any issues going round which made the day even better as we were riding awesome trails and also getting filthy. The one feature I would be careful on would be the north-shore (Raised wooden structures built to ride on) as these were slippery but a good challenge none the less. Other than that we gave everything a good go and honestly found this one of the best places to rideso far. After our wet week, Gisburn greeted us with a blue sky, and we set off to explore the new terrain and what it had to offer. You can choose to do a short or long route. We dived straight in for the longer section as it was our last day. We would 100% go back as the one day was not long enough.

Where To Find It?

Located just to the south west of the dales in Yorkshire, Gisburn falls under the ‘Forest Of Bowland’. Be careful when navigating to the park as we found ourselves lost on one occasion as we took a wrong turn which we blamed the satnav for. Ask a local and you will be good to go!

Gisburn Forest Hub, Stephen Park, Gisburn Forest, Slaidburn, Lancashire, BB7 4TS

The main trail is at Stephen park. You can use the postcode BB7 4TS. You can also use the postcode BD23 4SQ which takes you to a little village Tosside with a community centre (has toilets) a car park and a bike shop with cafe / pub (Gisburn Forest Bikes / Dog and Partridge). When accessing the trails from Tosside you start on the upper rather than lower of the 2 loops that form “The 8” the main red grade XC trail.

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