Feiyu-Tech WG2 Gimbal Review


What is a ‘Gimbal’ and what do they do?

If you want to get professional looking videos and stand out from the rest, a gimbal is a great option. They are becoming increasingly popular in filming even for amateur film makers now days. They are able to steady a camera, and keep it as still as possible when filming in order to avoid shaky shots. I have already owned an example of a gimbal which is attached to my drone. I use my drone for aerial shots, and without one you would have some very wobbly footage. But how to you get those smooth hand held or chest mounted GoPro shots? I have found the answer really lies with the WG2 for Feiyu-Tech.

The FeiyuTech WG2

The WG2 is an affordable motorised and waterproof gimbal which can be attached to most GoPro accessories. It does the job and does it pretty well! Marketed as a ‘wearable’ gimbal which makes it perfect for the mountain biking we do. Feiyu-Tech provide a wide range of gimbals and equipment to cater for a range of situations and filming styles. The release of this WG2 gives you the ability to take and record professional looking videos with such a small piece of kit which packs into a small carry case.

Wearable options

As you will have noticed by now, we are mountain bikers, so when we record footage, it is often chest and helmet mounted shots. If you do not have a gimbal, the closest thing to one would be having a head mounted shot as you head is a natural gimbal. That being said, it is not as good as having a dedicated piece of kit to steady shots. The WG2 by Feiyu-Tech allows you to mount you gimbal stabilised GoPro almost anywhere. This is down to the two screw holes enclosed in the body of the gimbal. The first is located on the bottom, and the second on the back, allowing you to attach the provided GoPro adaptor.


Providing you are using a waterproof camera like the hero 5 and 6, this gimbal can be completely used in rain and water splash situations. It can also be used in the water under certain conditions. These conditions are that the depth of water should be less than 0.5 meters, and time of continuous use less than 5 minutes. For us, being able to use this in the rain means we can always capture great footage without having to worry about damaging the equipment. Currently we are using a few GoPro Hero 3 blacks and a GoPro 4 which are not waterproof, but we have the piece of mind that should the equipment get wet. The gimbal at least should face no issues. Just be sure the clean salt water off if you are using this on or around the sea.

Useful info


  • Single tap – Panning Mode / Lock Mode (Single tap to switch between panning mode and lock mode)
  • Double Tap – Panning and tilting mode (When in panning and tilting mode, press once to switch to lock mode)
  • Triple Tap – Rotate 180°in horizontal (Make the camera lens rotate 180 °)
  • Quadruple Tap – Autorotation Mode (Quadruple tap to enter autototation mode)
  • Fifth Tap – Initialization (Single tap again to awake the gimbal, or triple tap to initialize the gimbal)

Sea Water if not cleaned can cause issues. Whilst the WG2 can handle being splashed with salt water, it is recommended you clean this off as soon as you can. Wash it with fresh water immediately, and soak it in fresh water for 3 minutes, otherwise the rotation points will be blocked by the salt crystals after the sea water dried.

Possible orientations

App Download

Feiyu-Tech have provided an app which you can download on either iOS or Android. The app allows you to use more features such as controlling the pan and tilt of the gimbal. This app is free and worth downloading as you never know when you might be in a situation where you want to manually control the axis of the camera remotely. This is made possible by Bluetooth connectivity.

To download the app, search for ‘Feiyu ON’ on the app stores


For an affordable option which gives you professional looking shots, the WG2 is a great piece of tech. The compact size of the carry case means it takes up next to no space and can be placed inside of another camera bag with ease. WG2 is a great addition to anyone’s GoPro gear and we would certainly recommend it. Head on over HERE to take a closer look.

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Video Comparison (With & Without Gimbal)

A big thanks goes to ‘Feiyu-Tech‘ for supporting our MTBVanLife venture. We look forward to new horizons and making some awesome new videos!

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