Dometic 12v Camper-Van Fridge

Ice Cold Drink?

Who doesn’t like an ice cold drink when things heat up. Having travelled with the van a few times now, the only way we had previously been able to keep drinks and the essentials cold is with a cool box. This method is flawed as you have to keep everything cool by keep adding ice packs. Okay when you are on a campsite and you can get them re-frozen, but not such a good idea when parking up off grid. This is the main reason we chose to get a 12v Dometic Camper-Van Fridge.

Design and position

The table/cabinet has been designed around having this exact fridge underneath. We sized the space up and came to the conclusion this would be the best option for us and the vans space. Whilst the “Dometic CDF-26” does take up some space, it is a fridge and unlike them useless things you plug in via USB and holds one can of coke. It opens from the top so we needed a means of sliding this out to provide access. Initial ideas were to build a platform and pull out with wood running on wood. We then thought the better option would be to buy some heavy duty runners. Whilst heavy duty, the weight of the fridge unlike a standard drawer will tend to flex them a lot more.

We mounted the runners on the bottom of the platform and quickly found out that the flex was fairly severe. This would only be made worse by filling the fridge up with goodies. To conquer this we added a fascia to the front which then spread the weight across the floor. Even with this tweak we found the drawer slide out with minimal difficulty.

Although currently this installation sees the sides around the fridge open, we may carry the pallet wood down at some stage. If we were to do this we would create a vented section to allow the fridge to fully breathe. On the base of the fridge drawer, we also used some heavy duty velcro strips. This helps the fridge stay in place as the beading on the sides alone might not have been enough to prevent the fridge tipping. All in all we are really happy with the outcome of the van now. We can now see some major process and the living space is really coming together.

12v Power

We installed a 12 volt cigarette lighter socket on the underside of the cabinet. Originally the idea was to avoid splicing and connecting the power cable that came with the fridge. By having it plug in this was it meant that in the event we wanted to move the fridge outside, or into another vehicle, you could do so with ease. However, we made an amendment and chose to hard wire this in as recommended my many people. The 12 volt socket will be placed somewhere else.

Product Description

Compact and efficient portable compressor fridge/freezer cooling from +10°C to -18°C even in very high ambient temperatures of 40°C+. Built in 3 stage battery protection and interior LED light. Vertical space to fit 2L bottles standing and a removable wire basket.

Technical Details

Brand: Waeco
Model: 9105303457
Item Weight: 12.5 Kg
Product Dimensions: 26 x 55 x 42.5 cm

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