Direct4x4 Side Steps

A couple of months ago we headed back of to Derby to see our good friends at Direct4x4. We have been speaking with them for a while now and taking a look at some of their awesome products. It also gives us an excuse to head up to the Peak District, or on this occasion even further to the Lake District.

For a little while now both myself and Sam have been discussing what it would look like to have side steps on the van. We thought that side steps would be a great addition for a few reasons. The first would be looks and aesthetics. To the eye, some sort of side step or side bar looks awesome, and you will see most of the VW campers with either the steps or bars nowadays. It does makes the whole van look as if it is sitting a little lower, without having to spend extortionate amounts on lowering kits. The second reason, obviously would have to be practicality. After all that is what this product is designed for.


Here is the before, without the side steps by Direct4x4

And after, once they had fitted them for us. Notice how they also make the van look lower


More recently you may have seen the addition of the kayaks to MTBVanLife. We want to start getting out on the water more. However fixing the kayaks down with ratchets can some times be troublesome and you sometimes require a little extra step up. This is where the sidesteps are perfect as you can step up alongside a majority of the van, and where they stop, you can hop on to the wheel. We have found ourselves using these steps more and more, and its thanks to the guys at Direct4x4 for making this possible.

We already know the team pretty well and they are a very helpful bunch. One day we reached out to them asking if they were able to offer something for the T6 we have. Online their website offers a range of steps, but for us we were looking for something all black in order to blend in slightly more. Within not too long at all they were able to advise, and Sam ended up purchasing a set. We travelled up to Derby for a long weekend, as they offer fitting to the van for a small fee. We found this so easy, as we were able to drop the van off at a given time, have some lunch, and came back to the van looking like this!

We went for the Volkswagen ‘Black Raptor’ Side Steps and can be found linked HERE



Another awesome transformation to this fantastic project van and one that we have been really pleased with. If you have any questions for us or Direct4x4, you can reach out to us both on Instagram or via their website here

Five star customer service guys, thank you!

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