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Expand your available space

A big thanks goes out to Direct4x4 for helping us out getting an awning for the van. After searching around we chose to go with Direct4x4. Not only do they have a big selection of awnings and much more but they are very helpful.

When living in a van, you need to maximise your space. Expanding to the outside does just that and at the same time can protect you from some of natures elements. Having not had an awning for some of our previous trips, it was always on the list of items to get somewhere down the line. The superb build quality and waterproofing of this product means we can in the event of rain still work on the bikes outside without getting too wet.

Knowing the difference

Some people don’t know, but there is a difference between a caravan awning and a camper-van awning. Caravan awnings tend to be an enclosed tent almost. Whilst camper-van awnings are usually a pull out shelter from the sun or rain. For us, having a camper-van awning made things so much easier. One of the greatest things and benefits about van life, is that you can just shut the doors and drive if you don’t like somewhere. This is much more difficult in a tent or caravan with an awning. The solution that Direct4x4 have provided can be set up by one person fairly easily and dismantled just as quick. This all means you can get back on the road way quicker without having to mess around.

What we chose

We went for the smaller awning produced by Direct4x4. Whilst it still extends by 2 meters, its width is slightly smaller at 1.4. We wanted something that would extend out from the door to provide a small amount of shade, but also some protection from the elements when cooking and having the door open.

Set up took no time at all and whilst this could be set up with 1 person, we both had this set up in no time at all. Once you unzip the bag, there are just 4 poles to deal with. Roll out the awning and pull two legs out from the metal plate. These form the legs which it stands up on, and then 2 arms come out from the enclosure. You do not necessarily need to tie down, but the guide ropes are provided and in some windier conditions might be beneficial.

Direct4x4 Awning


  1. Colour: Sandy
  2. Awning Size: 1.4m x 2m
  3. Material: 420D Oxford polyester, polyurethane impregnated
  4. Water column: 1500mm
  5. Poles: Aluminium twist lock poles
  6. Cover: heavy-duty UV stabilised, 600GSM, 500D PVC with zipper
  7. Fabric thickness: 225GSM. The awning has been PU treated twice to be waterproof and treated once so it is breathable
  8. Comes with all fittings needed, including telescopic poles, guy ropes and pegs
  9. The poles and spreaders are made of anodised hard structural aluminium and it will not rust
  10. The pull out awning is waterproof and mould-proof, rot proof and has a 100% UV block out rate

Direct4x4 Awning

Like what you see? Check it out…

Click the link below to view this item and others like it. There is a wide range of awnings available and the team at Direct4x4 will be happy to help you out!

1.4M x 2M Van Tent Pull Out Awning Expedition Safari Heavy Duty Vans

Web –

Phone – 01332 601016


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