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UPDATE 26/03/18: Newly designed storage solution here

The First Piece Of Furniture

we have now completed the first piece of furniture of the van. We wanted to custom fit as much as possible to make best use of the space. Although we are still working on the bed, our custom fitted cabinet is now complete and we were able to place and secure it onto its final resting position.

The Cabinet

We wanted adequate storage for food and water, as well as a nice worktop surface area to prepare and cook food. We created the main frame to begin with and needed to put a shelf towards the top. The shelf would contain items such as canned food and bags of rice. Below this shelf would be a cupboard where we would store our water bottle and items that do not need to be used regularly. We stained the work surface to give a nice coated look whilst keeping the nice grain of the wood for a rustic effect.

Fixtures And Fittings

Originally we were going to have two more doors for the shelf at the top, but decided later on to go with a more unique idea. Per purchased some hooks which we screwed into the sides of the frame, and strung some string between them which would hold any cans and materials in place. We will use a material to stop things from sliding as well as an extra precaution. This should minimize movement and noise. A simple knob found in one of my shed drawers made for a perfect handle on the lower part. Most if not all of the wood used in this build was reclaimed from the old bed design.

Our Thoughts

Overall, we are really happy with the outcome. We are not by any means master carpenters, but we have put a lot of work in to get this to a good standard. Providing it serves its purpose and is looking fairly reasonable then we see no issues. A lick of paint and the three layers of varnish work perfectly.

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