Build Status Update Feb18

Version 3.0

So I thought as we hadn’t posted in a while, I would give you all a little update on what is happening. We have recently sat down for some discussion and worked out some changes. These come as a result of our short trip to Yorkshire.

To cut the long story short, we are having a re design, yes another one I know. You live and you learn. Having the bikes behind the front seats was not working at all for us. Partly because 3 people and 3 bikes in a transporter is too much and also because it was badly thought out. Call it van build version 3.0. Bikes shall now be put to the back of the van as this will mean that if and when we get cabin chairs, we can have a whole living space at the front rather than be segregated by bikes.

So this is all work in progress at the moment but it meant re designing the bed which made way for a small bonfire with all the off cuts of wood. It will also mean scrapping that lovely cabinet we made (We never really liked it anyway. Master carpenters we are not).


We are at the point of adding power as the looms and battery have been purchased. We spent some time yesterday removing the drivers seat and floor to run the positive from the vans main battery. This also meant we could secure the leisure battery down.

We have a lot of work coming up with the re design but want the van to work for us. If there is anything that we thing is not quite right, then we will do everything to adjust, fix and make it work. On the horizon, we hop to complete the full leisure battery set up with cabling, rear bike compartment and worktop/cabinet for cooking and storage.

Watch this space more more info and photos! If anything changes we will give another update.

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