Back Home – Amazing Rides & Great People

The Journey

The complete journey saw us rack up just over 1700 miles across France. We headed first to the north east region of France to a bike park which was intended to ease us into the Alps gently. However, even the green and blue trails here at Lac Blanc bike park were still challenging to a degree, compared to back home in the UK. We then from here headed across to the Alps to a place called Les Gets. Those familiar with Crankworx will know this was held here earlier in the year.

We arrived at a campsite which I will explain more about later, but were greeted by some very friendly fellow English van dwellers. We were advised after some conversation to spend a minimum of 3 days riding to experience the best Les Gets had to offer. So we took that advice on board and stayed longer than anticipated. From Les Gets, we headed for Val D’isere and Tignes. Our stay here was less than expected, due to lift closures and unfortunately injury.

From Tignes and after heading to the hospital in Bourg St Maurice, we decided to head back to the campsite in Les Gets for a few chill days before heading back to the UK. Although we deviated from the main plan, we cannot complain with the overall trip. Of course we had less riding than planned, but we met some truly amazing people and had a great time. Its easy for 1700 miles to tot up.

Fuel Cost

Total cost of fuel once converted into pounds for 1700 miles was – £294

The Bike Parks

Lac Blanc Bike Park is located in the north east region of France. There is one up lift with varied trail grades to descend. We started off with the Greens and blues to ease ourselves in. We had not ridden properly for about 6 months. The green and blue runs were far from what we are used to back in the UK. Where a green run is usually fire track back home, the greens here were still technical trails in some places. We had a good time riding here and would certainly go back. There area is not huge but you do get some fun trails for all skill levels. You only really need 1 day to explore this small resort but you could spend longer here.

Les Gets Bike Park in the Alps was fantastic. A large riding area and great trails made for a very fun time. We were recommended riding this resort for 3 days, 2 longer than we had planned, but we took up the advice. The trails here can be technical but where you find jumps all the way along the trail, there are always chicken runs. These chicken runs are a way of avoiding jumps or technical sections. Having the ability to use the lifts to drop down into Morzine was awesome. You really felt like you were getting the most out of the lift passes, and for 64 euros for a 3 day pass it does not break the bank. There is one red run that stands our more than most. The main red back down into Les Gets town under the lift. Riddled with large breaking bumps, its gives your wrists a real workout and shakes your bike beyond belief. You should anyway but be sure to check your bolts after every ride.

Want a beautiful campsite in the alps?

We stayed on one campsite on this trip, and this was located in Les Gets. When checking for places to stay before we left, we came across a beautiful looking site with its own swimming pool. Upon arrival, we found it also had a hot tub which was a real result. Camping Le Frene was located on the mountain side with views of Mont Blanc. For 25 Euros a night for a camper van and two people, its fairly reasonably priced too. Visit the page HERE for more information on the campsite. Its worth noting that you are not able to book and is first come first served. Also there is one lady who works here who speaks not a word of English but is very kind and patient. The use of photos helped us explain what we needed. We highly recommend this place and will be returning. We met lots of people here and made some new friends. Everyone was so friendly which is why we will always be open to returning here.

Not without Injury

We both had a few falls each over the course of the holiday, but unfortunately I (Luke) came off worse. I have always said, if you don’t crash, you are not trying hard enough. After pushing myself on one trail in Les Gets, I decided to film and went that little bit faster after chasing down another rider. To put it simply, I took a berm too low and as expected the front wheel slid on the dirt. I fell and although I was wearing knee and elbow pads, I sustained just minor grazing and bruising. Luckily I was wearing a full face as I took a bash to the head, so this saved me.

My second fall came when we were in Tignes, we had done one run and were riding along a cycle lane when same come past me and accidentally tapped my handle bars with his. This sent me into a bit of a tail slap which I tried to recover but when down like a tonne of bricks. The side of my left knee too the brunt of the impact which after a hospital visit saw me on crutches for the rest of the holiday. Only bruised but painful enough that I was unable to walk on it. Sadly this meant we had to cancel a few things but we had a superb time and cant wait for the next adventure.


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