About Us

Who are we and what are we doing?

We are friends who decided to invest some time and merge two passions, adventuring & mountain biking. We spent many weekends converting an empty VW Transporter into a purpose built camper van. Having this van enables us to travel further afield with the bikes, but also provide us some alternative accommodation on wheels for our travels. Our local trail centre is located in Hadleigh on the site of the old 2012 Olympic MTB track. We use these trails every so often but like to venture out to new destinations for hiking and riding. Our ultimate aim is to travel the length and breadth of the UK as well as into Europe and meet new people along the way. You can follow our adventures here and on Instagram. @themtbvanlife

Luke is a rider and the editor for MTBVanLife and is a video producer in his spare time. He enjoys producing and editing videos for YouTube and will be documenting our many trips and adventures to come. You can view Luke’s small portfolio online which can be seen here. Sam is also a rider but has the brains for this project as he bought the van in the first place. The opportunity to create fascinating new biking edits adds to our motivation and commitment to bring new content.


Why have we decided to create a van life?

We have enjoyed riding mountain bikes for a while and wanted to be able to go anywhere at any time. Having a purpose built van gives us the freedom to go anywhere at any time. This allows us to ride many many more places and spend longer shredding trails. We can come back to a living space which we will have with us all the time! The van is ready to pile on many fun and eventful miles…

Our Goal

Our goal is to share and document our build, provide helpful information, and give an insight into our travels and adventures!