A Long Weekend In Snowdonia National Park

Easter weekend gives us the ability to venture further without taking that important holiday off work. It didn’t take long for us to settle on the idea of heading across into wales and up for Snowdonia National Park. Leaving on the Thursday after work meant we could spend 4 days in Wales for us to make the most of the time there. One of the challenges we wanted to set ourselves had to be a climb up Snowdon.



We headed across the the Brecon Beacons Thursday evening and made good progress. We arrived at around 1am to a quiet spot next to a lake just north of Merthyr Tydfil. Some other vans had already parked up which were all transporters (New and old), so we were in good company. We then after this stop spent a day driving through the middle of Wales up to Snowdonia where the views were spectacular. It has been a long while since I last visited the Snowdonia area. With the warm conditions and the hottest Easter Monday on record, its clear to see why we had such a fantastic time.



Saturday was climb day, we packed the essentials and enough water to last us the climb and decent. We set off for the start of the Watkin trail at 8:30am and in the nice weather with the mindset of going prepared for all eventuality’s. Too often people seem to think its a casual walk and completely underestimate the mountains. We were a 20 minute walk away parked up in a lovely spot on the lake side. There are 8 routes you can choose to climb Snowdon, the hardest being ‘Crib Goch’. This is a knife edge ridge which is very dangerous. Although we considered doing this, we settled for the second most technical climb being the ‘Watkin’ path. This route would see us climb via the Watkin trail, but then descend along the ‘Allt Maenderyn’ ridge on the south side of Snowdon. All in all this was a 10 mile loop but saw us trek through some breathtaking scenery.



Being that we were lucky with the weather, one thing we did do on the way up was dip into one of the many plunge pools. There are a long line of waterfalls towards the bottom of the Watkin trail and we couldn’t resist taking the plunge ourselves. Although it was in the 20 degrees, the water is mountain run off, and for that reason was absolutely freezing. This was a great way to refresh and take a wash, but be warned your body does go into shock because of the very low temperatures!



There are limited spots around the Snowdon area for VanLife if you try to avoid campsites. As we have already said, we use an app called Park4Night, and offers a library of thousands of places to park up. However we found that using this in Snowdonia resulted in minimal options. There are places around, and we managed to get a great spot on the side of a lake with what at the time was our own private beach. We had a small fire and a BBQ on the go, sat back and enjoyed the moment. I will list the parking spots below should you wish to enjoy them for yourselves.

We found ourselves making more friends than ever in Wales, and dished out some of the newly printed cards for people to add us on Instagram. For me, a big part of the VanLife is making friends, sharing stories and having a laugh. We have always found that the van community has always been welcoming, especially the VW area. We always give fellow transporters a wave, and will always get one back. Small gestures go a long way and never fails to put a smile on our faces.



Places To Park Via ‘Park4Night’

  1. Lake side close to the start of the ‘Watkin’ trail for Snowdon
  2. Lake side in the Brecon Beacons area
  3. Lake side in the hills near Barmouth, very quiet however the road is only suitable for small vans

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